Anaconda Poker Rules

If you've never heard of Anaconda Poker, it's because this variant is rarely included in casino card games. This game is basically a family games but there are some online gambling sites that now offer this game. Also known as "pass the trash," anaconda poker is a unique variation that combines the game play of seven-card stud poker with the simple game screw your neighbor poker.

Similar to seven-card stud, each player receives seven cards; however they are all dealt at the beginning of the hand and all face down. Players then select three cards to pass to their neighbor to the left. Betting follows, as does another round of passing, this time with two cards. After one more round of betting, a third round of passing occurs, using one card. Finally a last round of betting is held before the showdown, with players using five of their seven cards to make the best hand.

To get started playing anaconda poker, each player will need to understand the rules, ranking of hands and game play process.

Rules for anaconda poker game are:

1) 4-8 players can participate.

2) Each player is dealt 7 cards.

3) After the initial deal, players bet clockwise.

4) Pass 3 unwanted cards to the player on their left. Leaving the cards face down next to the player.

5) Each player then again raise a bet.

6) A further 2 cards are discarded, passing the cards to the player on the left.

7) The passing of a final card to the player on the left is preceded by another round of betting.

8) Now players are allowed to discard 2 unwanted cards, leaving them with their best 5-card hand.

Anaconda draw poker relies on having a good memory because during one hand some 13 cards are shown by the other players. Memorizing these cards helps a player to strategies his game.

Differences from 7 Card Stud

1) Unlike 7 card stud, seven cards are dealt face down followed by round of betting.

2) After the initial betting round, three down cards are passed to each players opponent on his left followed by by a round of betting.

3) A further two cards are then passed to the player on the left and another round of betting.

4) Best five cards are then put in a pile in front of each player and exposed one by one starting with the player with the highest card.

Anaconda Poker Variations:

Progressive Passing
Love Thy Neighbor
Merry Christmas
Howdy Doody

Till now there is only a few online room which offers an online version of anaconda poker game however, it is a fun game and would likely be a hit if introduced in your home game.
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