How to Play Online Pokies

'Pokies' is one very popular casino game in the land down under. At first, foreigners think that this is a version of online poker in Australia, thinking that it's just a word play on the popular card game, but it's actually a slots game.

Back in the early 1900s, the first slot machine game was invented in the United States. Due to its popularity, it spread throughout the world reaching Australia. Despite the fact that it was stamped as illegal by the government, people loved playing it. In 1955, playing on the slot machine games or pokies, as it is known locally, was allowed by law.


While 200,000 pokies machines can be found practically anywhere in the country, pokies online is becoming more and more popular. But, before we tackle that, let us discuss first how the actual game on the machine is played.

There are no tricks to winning the jackpot. This really is a game of chance. Nevertheless, learning how to play pokies can help you enjoy the experience better.

Game Mechanics

A pokies machine features two rows of buttons. There are six buttons on the first row. The left-most is named 'collect', which you will press to take money from the machines. The next five buttons are printed with amounts of credit bets.

The second row consists of eight buttons. The 'Take Win' and 'Reserve' features are on the first button. Pressing the 'Reserve' button for three minutes is not available in online pokies. The next five are the amounts of the line per spin. The seventh is the 'gamble button' used to raise the stakes and 'start feature' is the eighth.

Important Tip

Take note also that every casino site on the internet may have a different set of guidelines, so learning how to play online pokies may be more of a challenge, especially when it comes to depositing sign up cash and withdrawing one's winnings.

Some casino sites on the internet which offer online poker in Australia, roulette and blackjack also offer numerous variations of pokies. For those who aren't quite sure how to play these casino games, reading up on the mechanics and the guidelines may really help. After all, there are several sites giving tips on winning in blackjack or citing poker rules.