Want to Play Bond' Favorite Baccarat: Here is a Detailed Tutorial for Online Gamers

What inspires the famous Bond movies - Casino Royale? It's Baccarat! The popular card game being played for years in innumerous casinos across the globe.

Baccarat is usually a comparing card game played between two players known as hands -the 'Player' and the 'Banker.' In each baccarat coup, there can be three possible outcomes - 'Player', 'Banker,' and 'Tie.' There are three trendy variants of the game in practice - Punto Banco, called as the 'North American baccarat', Baccarat chemin de fer, called as 'Chemmy', and Baccarat Banque, called as ' deux tableaux'.

While the casino version is still in its century old charm and attracts many people, today's newest trend is the web or the online version, which is fast gaining popularity among people of all age group in every part of the world. Online Baccarat is not only a favorite game to pass spare time, but it has also grown as a major and serious source of winning huge money every day. People are making millions playing online Baccarat. Well one thing the rules must be clear for all. Hence, why not to go through some online baccarat tutorials from William Hill and try your luck for the bigger ever bet of your life?

Valuations of Hands in the Game
The cards have point values. Jokers are not used in the game. Kings, Queens, Jacks, and the 10's have no point values, rest of the cards from 2 - 9 have the respective face values with the Aces worth 1 point. The highest possible hand values in the game is 9 as the valuation of the hands follow a rule - 'The value of the hand is the right most digit of the summation of its constituent cards.'

Punto Banco, also known as Tableau is the most common and popular variant of game played in most parts of the United States, UK, Australia, Canada, Finland, Sweden, and Macau. Punto means the Player and Banco, the Banker.

The Rule
The game is dealt with a shoe (usually a rack or box holding cards) containing 4, 6, or 8 decks of cards, which are shuffled together. The drawing of the cut-card, usually placed at in front of the seventh last card, indicates the last coup of the shoe. Two cards are dealt for every coup. In the case, any one among the Punto or the Banco achieves a total of 8 or 9, the coup is finished. The result ends with winning of the player or the banker or with a tie.

A drawing rule applies to find out whether the Player should receive a third card, if none of the hands achieves 8 or 9. Next, on the basis of the card drawn to the Player, drawing rule is applied to find out if the Banker should receive a third card. With this, the coup is finished and the result is announced. Next, it is the time to pay out the winning bets.

There are certain direct rules applicable, such as if the Player has a starting total of 0 to 5; he must draw a third card. If the total is 6 or 7, he stands. Similarly, there are some list of rules applicable to the Banker, which you must be familiar with before you start getting serious about baccarat as a money making option

With time changing there have been little variations in Punto Banco in different parts of the world; however, the basic rules of the game have remained the same. The online Baccarat games have become very much in fashion for quite a few time for the simple reason that computer programming has made it innovative, easily accessible right to your doorstep and a service of any time availability. If you are wishing to play it for the first time, go through the video tutorial here read some instructions how to play it online and then jump in for sheer enjoyment and earning.

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