Wild Hex Poker Rules

Wild Hex game is a variation of poker that follows similar rules of regular poker games. However, there are six cards dealt as community cards. The objective of the game is to come up with the best five-hand using a combination of hole and community… Read More »Wild Hex Poker Rules

Baseball Poker Rules

Baseball Poker is a poker game variant that follows similar rules as practiced in Seven Stud Card game. The only different rule is that 3s (strikes card) and 9s (innings card) are called the wild cards. Another variation to this game is that the player… Read More »Baseball Poker Rules

Countdown Poker Rules

Countdown poker is almost similar as the other variants of the popular card game. The only difference is the addition of one rule. A wild card is presented to the game just prior to the very last round of betting. The number of players left… Read More »Countdown Poker Rules