Cincinnati Poker Rules

Cincinnati Poker is one amongst poker game variants usually played in many homes in the United States. It's characterized as a wild game where players were given four community cards and another four hole cards. From these eight cards, players have to come up with the best 5 cards to win a lucky hand of poker.

The reason behind the name of Cincinnati is because the hand values in the said state are the bases in laying down the five cards. Players must note that big hands are significant in Cincinnati.

The Cincinnati Poker has varied game versions, one of which is when a player is given five cards and another five community cards. It tends to be very wild since there are only a limited number of players with a greater number of cards for each player.

Forced Bet and Dealing

Generally, each player has to pay the ante before the game starts. The amount of the ante is ten percent of the betting limit. This is applied when the betting limit is at a fixed amount. However, in the no-limit Cincinnati Poker, the so-called 'blind system' is practiced instead of the antes. Such system is also practiced in the Texas Hold'em Poker.

When the antes are completed, four cards or termed as "hole cards" are given to each player faced down, which can be combined with the four community cards in order to come up with the best five poker hand.

Rounds of Betting - First Round

Betting begins from the player seated at the dealer's left once the players have seen their hole cards, who has the options to bet, check or fold. At the end of the process, betting continues from the left going round the table.

Second Round

In this stage, the dealer lays one card in the middle of the table faced up representing the first of the community cards which players can use in combination with the other cards. After this, betting round takes place.

Third Round

The second community card is laid in the middle of the table faced up followed by a betting round.

Fourth Round

The third faced up community card is laid then a betting round.

Fifth Round

The fourth community card is laid faced up afterwards proceeded by the final betting.


At this point, players show their strongest five cards. Remember, players can make use of the community cards so to complete the five best cards and whoever holds the best five-card poker hand wins the pot.

Alternative Mechanics

For some poker players, the five betting rounds can be a bit burdensome. Thus, they can opt to reduce the betting rounds into four. Therefore, betting begins right after the first community card is dealt.