Anaconda Poker Rules

The Anaconda Poker is a draw game that resembles the 7 card stud. This game shares other game names such as '3-2-1 Anaconda, '3-2-1 left' and 'Screw Your Neighbor'. There are different variations of this game. The main difference is that each player is dealt 7 cards. In some cases, players are dealt with 6 cards.

Deal, First Betting round and First Pass

The game starts when a round of betting is done right after the preliminary deal. Each player passes three cards to the player on their left. The concept of poker is applied to this game where player must bet or call. In the case where no bet was made, any of the players can fold, check or raise.

On the part when the player needs to pass three cards to their left, the player can choose the 3 cards. Each player has no idea on the three cards they receive until everyone completes the pass. The betting continues as the number of cards being passed to their left decreases.

Second Betting round and Second Pass

On the next round of betting, the player passes two cards. Rules on this stage are similar with the first betting and passing rounds.

Third Betting and Passing

From the time players hold their new game cards, the next betting is done and player passes one card to their left. The third pass is considered the last pass.

Fourth round of betting

At this point, players shall now play with their five cards and discard the other two. The objective is to choose the best five cards on hand. The next part of the game is the final betting after which is the showdown.

Game pattern

The players follow a high-low pattern. In some variations, the high hand and low hand split the pot. One player that holds high and low can possibly win the game. A player who wins both high and low is called 'scooping pot'. The high and low variation is not so popular as compared to the "No-limit" counterpart because the No-limit games allow more potential in earning money. Most players dislike the idea splitting their wins.
As of today, there is no online version to this game. In any case, this game will be introduced to the internet, it will surely promote fun.

Anaconda Poker Main Points

  1. In Anaconda Poker, 7 cards are faced down when dealt and then a round of betting follows. This is opposition to the 7 Card Stud.
  2. The first betting round is followed by three cards passed to the opponent player on the left. A round betting follows.
  3. Another two cards are passed to the left followed by a round of betting.
  4. The showdown begins when each player lays down his five cards. The player with the highest cards wins.
  5. Seven cards are used in the game however, the players have to choose only the best five cards that will beat the opponent.