Five Card Draw Rules

The Five Card Draw game is not a common game as compared to popular poker games on the internet. However, the game can be easily accessed online. The origin of this card game dates from many years ago, but still, the mechanics of the game is not that complicated. Thus, beginners to this game will find it easy to play.

The Five Card Draw game can be played with up to 8 players. Each of the 8 players will be given 5 cards that are faced down.

The Strategy

The Five Card has a bit of complexity compared to other community card poker games like Omaha or Holdem. Hence, the advantage of the player depends on how he exchanges his card. In simpler terms, the player who doesn't exchange any of his cards is more likely presumed to have a strong hand on the game. Moreover, a player who exchanges some or all of his cards promotes a weak hand on the play. Nevertheless, the Five Card Draw is still a pure game of luck with only one winner. The strength of a player depends on the five cards that he receives.

Blinds and Antes

The poker game 5-card draw often uses blinds and other times use antes. These terms represents the players' bets option. Due to familiarity of Texas Hold-em, poker enthusiasts are used to apply the blinds. With the blinds, from the time every hand starts, the 2 players situated on the dealer's left must lay their bets. The small blind is seated at the left side of the dealer and must lay his bet equivalent to half of the big blind's bet. Whereas, big blind is seated at the left side of the small blind, whose bet is equivalent to the least wagering limit.

The Five-Card Draw Betting Structure

When all players are dealt with five cards, the betting starts. All cards dealt are faced down. Players shall then draw their hands as soon as all of the wagers are proportioned. The second betting round comes next followed by the main event that is the showdown.

First round bet

On the first betting stage, players are given a chance to improve their cards. They can either replace a single card, all five cards or not even a single card. Remember that Five Card Draw game has two rounds of betting in every deal.


When first betting is done, players can opt to discard all five cards and obtain new cards for replacement. This part of the game is called 'draw'. It's every player's decision of how many cards he desires to switch however, he cannot control the cards that will be dealt. Meaning, he can only assume but not predict the incoming cards. Cards that are dealt are always faced down.

Second round bet and Showdown

Another round of betting is laid after the draw. At this point, the showdown begins and whoever has the utmost poker hand of 5 cards wins it.
The game of Five Card Draw is, after all, an easy game to play. The mechanics are simple and easy to understand. The showdown is an exciting part of the game, as this will tell who gets the pot prize. Even when there are less than 8 players, the game can still proceed.