Jacks or Better Draw Rules

The Jacks or Better Draw resembles the Five Card Draw only with a few distinctions. Similar to other types of poker draw games, Jacks or Better is played with real players.

Jacks or Better versus the Five Card Draw

The main difference between these two draw poker is the presence of the Jacks and Better in the initial game. There must be Jacks and Better in the game so as to pursue with the first betting. In the absence of Jacks and Better, cards shall then be shuffled.


The game starts when one of the players would call out and declare that he owns a pair of Jacks and Better. He then puts a bet and simultaneously, the rest of the players may opt to join by calling out: raising or folding. The player holding the duo of Jacks and Better must show his cards to the group.

When there are insufficient eligible hands, a new hand is dealt and the previous antes are pressed onward to obtain a new pot. At this point, another antes are again taken. Whenever there's re-dealing of hands, the pot money becomes larger. In some games of poker, there is an imposition of the utmost amount of antes. This is to control the amount of money in the pot and there is a run through of cards.

Jacks and Better Draw Rules

The game play begins when each player pays the so-called 'ante' or a small amount of forced bet. The ante amount falls from ten percent to twenty five percent of the least wager. In other words, when the game bet amounts to $5/$10, the ante is $0.50.

Deal and first betting round

Just like the Five Card Draw, 5 cards are given to every player. The cards are dealt one by one starting from the player seated at the left part of the dealer. The movement goes clockwise and the cards are face down. Players can only take hold of their cards when all five cards are laid down on each player. At this point, the game officially begins. The player with the Jacks or better must declare to the group that he holds these cards. From here, the betting begins. The cards will again be shuffled if no one starts the betting.

Assuming that a player has given a bet, the rest of the players may opt to discard 1 - 5 cards in exchange for new cards. The players who do not wish their cards to be replaced will just take hold of his old cards. This is the so-called 'standing pat.

Game Strategy

Some games promote certain rules such as discarding only three cards unless he holds an Ace. Player holding an Ace has to show to the dealer that he owns an Ace and that he can keep it. The four remaining cards can be exchanged.

Second Round of Betting

Immediately after all players receive their fresh cards, the second round of betting begins. The player seated on the dealer's left side starts the betting. He can either bet or fold depending on his cards. The game continues in a clockwise movement.


Same as the Five Card Draw and Seven Card Draw games, the player holding the top five cards becomes the winner therefore he takes the pot.