Betfair leaves Ongame network to transfer to Playtech iPoker

Betfair is leaving Ongame network to transfer to Playtech iPoker Network. The transition is expected to finish in July while it will be on board on iPoker later this month.

For survival reason

Betfair's reason is survival. Its poker room has been in difficult times with 11% declined in numbers of active users and drastic drops on revenues. Last year from 93,000 active users, the number dropped to 85,000 and some quarters are expecting the numbers to slide down further. The move to transfer is Betfair's solution to protect its revenues and to have the flexibility to choose its operators to give in to the customers' demand that they will serve on by location basis.

Better products for their players

Although Poker is just a small portion of Betfair's revenues, it still experiencing difficulties meeting up expenses. Betfair is making money from its Casino earnings of 29.4 million pounds and from its sportbetting earnings of 140.2 million pounds. With the transfer, Betfair would be able to offer their customers varied poker experience through very rewarding ways. It aims to give their players world class poker product with new and unique features. New Betfair Poker on its new platform using Playtech's software is set to offer what has been on the old Betfair poker but much better and greater opportunities. It is set to attract loyal players as well as new players to gain the New BetFair Poker Experience.

The transition deal is said to be worth 2 to 3 million pounds to Playtech and will drive Ongame to fall down from its top ten ranking to 14th place. It will further push it behind leading operators like Bodog, MPN and Revolution Gaming. On the other hand, iPoker has a secured fourth place ranking giving the liquidity that Betfair Poker needs.

Playtech on the other hand is set to put new drives to Betfair Poker and increase its liquidity. The challenge is on both Betfair and Playtech to bring in new customers that will sign-up and to turn Betfair sport bettors into new poker players which is not a difficult task as online gambling is now a popular recreation for people who have the aim to enjoy while making extra money.