Bodog eyes Asian Market for its Anonymous Poker Series

Bodog, an online gaming firm is eyeing Asia's presence by its soon-to-be launched Anonymous Poker Series. The series is both live and online poker tournament set to secure its place in Asian markets.

But, Bodog has another reason; this is to dispel doubts on its ability to put up poker tournaments. With Anonymous Poker, Bodog is set to re-launch itself as the tough poker site to beat.

Anonymous Poker Series

It started its campaign a year ago when it created the anonymous poker table wherein poker tables are made anonymous. With anonymous poker tables, it would be hard for players to identify their opponents as there will be no more names but only designated seat numbers with no unique identification clues or whatsoever. It created quite a stir among online poker players especially from the casual players. It instantly made Bodog poker tables one of the friendliest sites as it gears towards eliminating the poker sharks tracking the fish. It gives assurance to inexperienced poker players that they're getting fair games.

Bodog is also proud to be the first to initiate Recreational Poker model to online pokers and is brave enough to implement changes on its games although it may caused itself to be in the center of controversies. Bodog\s recreational poker model is its way of offering unbiased poker experience.

Attacks from skeptical players

However, Bodog isn't discounting skeptical poker observers that its model is giving players additional way to cheat. It respects other opinions but always remain firm on its stand. Its focus on Asian market and Anonymous Poker Series will have its culminating stage in Manila sometime by January 2014 with a grand prize of $1000, 000.

Anonymous poker just like what Bodog wants it to be will be the first ever to be introduced to the Asian market. The bottom line here is the trust factor in choosing the operator. Bodog has high hopes that their product will be most appealing to the Asians as it will be viewed above RNG operators just like the way Live Dealer casinos are.

With on-going tournaments, Bodog will soon release details of the finals and the qualifiers who have worked their way up to the finals.