Bovada's Golden Spade Poker Open: Most Anticipated Poker Event

Bovada's Golden Spade Open is the biggest, grandest and most awaited online poker tournament of the year. The event runs from September 9th until November 3rd. The prize at stake is a massive $1.5 Million and it is guaranteed. Now you have 1.5 million reasons to join and get into the game and go for the gold.

Qualifications to join Bovada's Golden Spade Open

All you have to do is visit the website and download the free poker software. It does not matter if you are just a beginner or a pro, it is open to all levels, and you can start right away. You can even try the free games just to let yourself get accustomed; then you can start playing simultaneously with anonymous players online. You progress every time you win a game, and there are more that 100 game events. You need to reach the Contender Series to progress through Championship Series and the Last Chance satellites. You may want to grab the Super Saturday Satellites, giving more chances to win.

Mark your calendar

You need to be mindful of the event schedules, as the Contender Series already started last September 29th and running until October 6th. The game event is offering players with low to medium stakes competition and it starts for only $3.30. The Championships Series on the other hand would run on October 19th through November 3, the low to middle stakes challenges will start for only $22. The games vary from 10:01 AM to 10:01 PM Eastern Time. You might need to check that especially if you are playing online from different time zones. The software is available in English, Spanish and Mandarin.

Choose your own path to gold. There are more than 2,000 game satellites you can choose from and play in. Most offer daily games as low at $1. Some Cheap Seats can lead you to be qualified for the Quarter final and Semi final. Complete list of event schedules could be seen on the website as well, You may also want to check their Facebook page, which is This might be your chance to get a slice of that gold, the road in getting that $1.5 Million.