Zone Poker Introduced - Bovada's version of Rush and Zoom Poker

The launching of Bovada's Zone Poker, a variation of Rush and Zoom Poker has finally arrived and made its way to the United States. The first few days have been a success - the game became popular and captured the heart of the US market and still on a healthy lead. Zone Poker works just like the Rush and Zoom Poker. You are given the option to fold the hand before it is your turn. Another option is the "Check/fold" button and if you are lucky, the pot will be awarded to you if it's folded to you.

Bovada's Zone Poker is the newest trend in online poker games; they did not sacrifice the graphics and animation in this game. It is also known as the first US-friendly version of Zone Poker. The game is exciting and it will keep your blood pumping on this fast-paced game. Players are given 15 seconds to think and act. The game is designed to play faster, and this increases the action and allows players to see more hands. Shuffling players around at a fast pace has become popular because of this game. It may seem difficult at first to keep up. You never know who sits in the blind positions, but that's the exciting part of it. Aside from constant shuffling of players on the table, you are shuffled around tables as well. The chances of having more hands are higher by the hour and the chances of winning increases, so do reward points.

Bovada never failed to give players the best games for all levels to play. Zone Poker is just one of the many games that can be enjoyed online across the globe. The company has been consistent in delivering new thrills to online users. Tournaments such as the Bovada Golden Spade Poker Open are one of the most awaited events on Poker games online. With the massive $1.5 Million guaranteed as a prize, who wouldn't want to gamble and get a slice of victory? It's not only a fun game to play, but also an adventure of playing with anonymous players online from across the world.