Facebook teamed-up with 888 to bring real money gambling

Facebook has another partner in bringing real money gambling to its qualified users. It closed a partnership deal with 888 Holding, one of the biggest online gambling providers. It wasn't long ago when FB teamed up with Gamesy, a London-based gaming firm and brought the Bingo Friendzy offer to its users. It was the first real money gambling offering on the world's largest social network.

888 games launching

888's Mytopia will operate the games such as casino games, slot and bingo through its free-to-play Bingo Island. Although it will be offered to Facebook users, only residents of UK will be able to play the games. There are talks that besides casino and slots, poker will be added soon. However, it may take some time before poker can be actually played on Facebook gaming platform.

The team-up plan

Both facebook and 888 are hopeful that the venture would bring another social and gaming experience to all of its users. It's a combination of real money and social gaming which will make people enjoy the best of both worlds.

Facebook bosses are also very optimistic of the results of the joint venture as 888 is closely working with them to bring the quality and safety of its games to its users. Facebook believes that bingo games having chat rooms match its chat feature and it will give their users a way to monetize what they're doing. It's also a way to bring-in new revenues for the social network.


Facebook users' protection will be implemented in these new gaming ventures. While Facebook has it with Bingo Friendzy, there won't be any different with 888 regarding users' protection. Only 18 years old up and residents of UK can play the game. Facebook's age-gating, a technology which prevents underage to see their friends' gaming experience will be strictly implemented as well.

Facebook is a popular social media network with estimated 140.3 billion active users and one of the top revenue makers of the worldwide web. It offers great social opportunities to all of its users and great revenue potential to all of its business partners. With 888 Holding, Facebook will be bringing high possibility of moneymaking opportunities to all of its users by simply playing bingo, casino and slots while still being social.