Full Tilt Poker is Back

Everybody has seen it, Full Tilt Poker's resurrection has finally come and it's giving other poker sites many reasons to be worried over their Poker traffic.

Full Tilt Poker's second life has been received warmly by most poker players partly because it still has the same software and the gameplay is similar to what it was before. Besides minor complaints about the loyalty program and seconded by the customer service, everything seems to be back to normal and to where Full Tilt was, second to the number one spot in traffic ranking.

Back to its impressive traffic

For this reason alone, Full tilt is back with full force and managed to draw 6,700 cash game players on the first 7 days since it was re-launched. It was able to post an amazing 11,202 poker plays during the peak hours. Although, the figure is still miles behind from PokerStars considering its shut down issue, Full Tilt traffic ranking is enough to be notably impressive compared to two of its tough ranking contenders iPoker Network and PartyPoker.

However, the figure average was posted on the first week of the re-launch and PokerScout is quick to add that settling figure is estimated after three to four weeks and most sites that are under promotion are expected to get a daily good average until the settling figure is established. It's much safer to say that Full Tilt regular level is still yet to be seen.

Former players are back

PokerScout also has its own assessment on the big draw of players to Full Tilt. It could have been that old players are going back to check the old site. While Full Tilt posted an average of 8.500 players over the first few days after re-launch, its competitors have posted an average of 5% decline on their daily average gameplay. But, contrary to the claim that this is a result of player's migration, PokerScout.com sees players' hibernation as the key factor. After a long absence from the playing ground, players are back to log in and get their old Full Tilt funds.

Full Tilt's resurrection may have given online poker some boosts on traffic but a 2% decline each year proves that there's still a lot to be done.