PartyPoker gives poker players a fair share by eliminating Palladium Elite status

It's final! PartyPoker would soon change its loyalty program and would eliminate the Palladium Elite Status. It has posted on its VIP page (bottom line) the announcement and players are advised to check it out.

Although, some players might not be too concerned about the loyalty program and don't pay too much attention to what it offers, it is still important for PartyPoker to change it and give what they deemed as fair share to all of their players.

Palladium Elite Status

Who cares about the Palladium Elite Status? Of course, it is those players who are gunning to reach the required points and get the purchase bonus or the cash equivalent are the ones who have the interest over getting Palladuim Elite status. Any player who earns 40,000 gets the Palladium Elite Status and can claim cash rewards from $3,500 up to $50,000 or bonuses from $7,000 up to $75,000. Once Palladium members reached 10,000 points, they can redeem for cash equivalent of $600 while 20,000 points allow them to get $1,500. Players can either earn Palladium status or purchase it. Thus, all points must be earned during the calendar quarters.

The announcement reveals that Palladuim Elite Status will have its final day on March 31 leaving only Palladium status. However, those with Elite status, bonuses will be rolled over to their regular Palladium status. It would mean that $75,000 and $50,000 cash and poker bonus will be no longer available. However, it will still implement the 30% rake back bonus which is equivalent to $15,000, enough to be the highest cash rake back bonus inside PartyPoker's Poker room.

The big move

PartyPoker made the decision amidst the ranking battle., the poker traffic watchdog puts PartyPoker on the third place based on cash game traffic. With 3,650 seven-day average cash game traffic, it managed to pull a comfortable third place behind Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars and after giving tough competition to iPoker network and Win Poker.

Once the Palladium Elite Status is eliminated from PartyPoker VIP program, all members will have fair share at their Poker room loyalty rewards which is not bad as everybody wants to have fair share on everything.