RIP For The Gaming Wizard As Well As Poker Pro Tony Korfman

The highly celebrated gaming wizard as well as poker pro Tony Korfman has recently breathed his last. The gaming legend was 71 at demise. According to sources the veteran player and the legendary author breathed his last in August 18 of 2014. The world of online poker games will surely miss the spirit of Tony Korfman.

The name of Tony Korfman is in fact integral with the world of online poker games. His winnings in these games are in fact legendary in true sense of the term. If the sources from grapevines and media buzz are to be believed then Tony made a whopping amount of around $355,320 in this world of online poker games.

His name is actually associated with a series of wonders in this amazing world of online poker games. Taking a look at his poker career you will always be thrilled and flabbergasted. In 2007, Tony made the biggest scores of his professional poker gaming career. In this year he had been a part of the world poker championship. It was the first rated game among the top notch seniors who dominate this game. Tony came out with surprisingly flying colors as he bagged $217,503 in this prestigious and highly coveted world championship.

All throughout his career, Tony had been a towering figure in the poker gaming fraternity. Behind the skin of this very successful poker player, there were many shades that made him an interesting man. He happened to be a highly gifted writer as well as storyteller.

The achievements of Tony will always remain an inspiring factor for the new age online poker gamers. RIP for the gaming wizard as well as poker pro Tony Korfman! He will continue to be the real life inspiration for the newbie aspirants in this field.