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Online Poker Games: Letís Play Poker!

Before getting to the game playing aspects of poker we shall take an interesting historical tour. Interestingly, Poker variations were developed mostly in America around at the onset of the twentieth century. This is sad as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) PROHIBITS American internet gaming practices. Online Poker games would have been a great venture for many Americans. Luckily, some online poker sites are still accept American players . There is a very limited financial institutions for American players as the banks cannot give the much needed support to these players.

The standard order of play spans across all the poker variations. The differences are in the betting rounds numbers, the hand values, actions that are taken between rounds as well as which exact cards are to be dished out.
You can play the LAG (Loose Aggressive Style) which is characterised by many small winning hands or carry out the TAG (Tight Aggressive Style) presenting fewer winnings of higher values in poker. Well, all you really just need to do is play poker and this is how poker variations are played. There are so many variations of poker hands and it will take time and practice to learn what style suits you best.

Draw Poker
The draw poker also popularly known as a five card draw is characterised by replacing a hand that is dealt hidden to improve it for play.

Stud Poker
This can occur as a seven or a five stud play. It is when face up and face down cards are selected in a multiple betting round.

Community Card Poker
The community aspect is in the sharing aspect of some cards facing up to complete the player’s cards that would be hidden and incomplete. This game play is also known as the Texas hold ‘em and the Omaha hold them.

The Rules of the game
The general rules for a good game of poker, even in Online Poker games are dependent on variations as follows;
Royal Deck – The game, also known as The Jaws of Victory, is played with two decks in play but with just the 9 to A cards selected. At times these may be 8 to A thus the total cards in play can be forty eight or fifty six respectively.
High –Low-Split – The players with the lowest and the highest hands share in the winning pot
Anaconda – In this variation, players can pass cards on to each other
Stripped Deck – As a historical commemoration, players would play only the stripped deck because back in the day only twenty cards were played from a deck.
Lowball – The winnings would go to the one with the lowest hand.
Roll your own – With the other cards played hidden, the player then selects the card that is to be played face up visible to the other players.
These variations can all be played as online poker games in their varying instances and players have a choice to play the variation of choice from the several digitalised version. The advantage of online gaming is that even the novice gets to learn at their pace