Poker Bonus, its types and How to Clear it !!

Just for the knowledge of novice poker players, online poker bonus is basically type of extra money Offered to every player for choosing the over another poker sites available in the internet. It's a good deal for both, poker sites and online poker players, as the players can win extra money by just playing on the same site and the poker sites don't loose their players.

Clear a bonus - Less strong are the opponents, the harder it is a bluff to succeed. A strong player tends to respect the episodes of his opponents and has the discipline to throw away his cards, a weak player, however, tends to go to see much more than necessary ... and maybe not because he understood that there implement a bluff, but out of simple curiosity, because you never know, because he does not want to sleep with doubt about what you had. In other words, nothing moves fine against those who can not understand.

Poker bonus amounts vary from room to room but nearly all poker rooms offer them. Poker bonuses are usually given to new poker players to attract them to that poker room and they come in different forms as follow:

Poker Deposit Bonuses - Poker deposit bonuses are bonuses that are given when you make a deposit, usually your first deposit. The average deposit bonus is 100% OF YOUR FIRST DEPOSIT up to a maximum which is set by the poker room in question. This means if you deposit say $50, you will receive another $50 free.

No Deposit Poker Bonuses - Again, these bonuses are usually given to new players but require no deposit. No deposit poker bonuses are usually much smaller than deposit bonuses but are a great way to try out a poker room before you deposit.

Poker Reload Bonuses - Reload bonuses are for existing players of a poker room. They are similar to deposit bonuses in that you receive a percentage bonus of your next deposit, however, it does not have to be your first deposit. Reload bonuses are a great way for poker rooms to reward their players for continuing to play at their poker room.

Free spins no deposit slotscalendar - Free spins and no deposit bonuses is best thing to try any casino or slots on different gaming rooms and choose the one you like. Poker Rakeback - Poker rooms make their money by talking a percentage of the rake when you play at their tables. The percentage varies from room to room but it is usually so small that you don't see it going. However, over time, the rake that you pay to a poker room, especially if you play a lot or at high stakes, can add up.

Rakeback is when the poker room or an affiliate site of the poker room offers you a percentage of your rake back to you. Rakeback offers are usually under and around 30% and are great for heavy poker players and high-rollers.

Refer-a-Friend Bonuses - Some poker rooms offer you bonuses for referring a friend to them. If you refer 10 friends and they each make a deposit of $100 then you will receive $200 (10x$20) free in your account. This is a great way to build your poker bankroll. Most poker rooms have a 'poker points' system where you earn points for playing at the tables, the amount of time you play at the tables and entering tournaments. The more 'poker points' you earn, the more of your bonus is released to you.

Tournaments are usually a good way to collect poker points as you usually receive a large number of points and you are risking less. A lot of players risk playing high stakes in order to collect points quicker and although this does work, you risk losing your initial deposit before you collect all of your bonus. Don't play at levels you are uncomfortable at. Stick to stakes that you usually play at and forget about clearing your bonus. You should find that you will work your bonuses off this way without even thinking about it. If your mind is only on clearing your poker bonus then your mind isn't on your poker game.

When you have collected all of your bonus, add it to your bankroll and play with it wisely as you would had you just deposited that amount. Don't think of it as free money as you will likely gamble it away on unwise calls and bluffs.