Why poker games are popular from ancient times to present

What Poker Games is all about?
There are many says about the origin of Poker Games. Some say its roots are as old as nearly 1000 years old, another says it is created at the time of Adam and Eve.

Truth is poker is one of the world’s most famous games of cards. It is a perfect game to play with your friends and family. It has been around with us for generations and stills it growing in the shape of online poker games.

Popular believe that this poker game is originated through the inventions of other similar games. Some say it was Swiss monk John of Rheinfelden who first played this game of poker with a deck of 52 cards. But some say poker is adaption of Persian game “As Nas” a 20 or 25 card deck game. But still some experts say it is not Persian who invented the game of poker, but the Chinese. 10th century Chinese emperor domino card game is similar to what we play today.

Riverboat gamblers were born during 1850’s. They are known as the easily pioneers of poker games.

Some say it was a French card game “Poque” where this name of Poker derived from but some say it was a German card game “Poche”.

If we talk about the world most popular poker game, then without any doubt it is “Stud Poker”. But if we talk about the modern poker game, then it is “Texas Hold’em Poker” which was invented around 1920’s. 

When the poker game entered America in the mid 1700s the game become so popular that America is now a hub of all modern poker games. Now it is a multibillion dollar industry. With the World Series of Poker in 1970, Las Vegas this poker game gains worldwide attention and bought itself new recognition. It was that time when this popular game Texas Hold’em first introduced to the world.

With the arrival of new technology to the poker game like camera, television, internet this poker game has become a household name. Most poker games are played online nowadays. Various online poker game platforms such as www.betfaircasino.com offer a variety of online casino games from blackjack tables to slots and roulette.
Poker game has also become a professional sport game with its own audience.

Poker game is continually growing and has attracted a wider audience. Hollywood is one department, which has used poker game for its own benefit. Now movies had been made on poker games. Poker has been featured in hundreds of motion pictures. This fuel the popularity of poker games among celebrity and common people. Now celebrity is legally endorsing this game even they play poker games.

Poker Game Facts:

    • Longest Poker Game in History lasted “Eight Years, Five Months and Three Days”.
    • In 1972 “World Series of Poker” becomes the First Televised Poker Game Tournament.
    • In U.K., June 2013 the game of the largest game of Poker ever played which is added to the Guinness Book of World Record and had total 225,000 players.