The History of Poker

The game of Poker is no less unknown worldwide. Many card game enthusiasts play it from live casinos and online poker websites. Despite the fact that Poker is a famous card game, there has been an uncertain history of poker game like when and where it began. The reason behind the ambiguity is due to many variations of card games.

It is quite believed that the poker history started by the Chinese ever since 900 A.D. though, by then there are no game cards that have been invented and they use dominoes for playing. Further, historians say that the strange beginnings of poker is derived from a French game called "Poque" and a German game called "Pochen".

However, if we speak of an apparent reference to answer the blurred history of poker, the book which Jonathan H. Green have wrote in 1834 will pave the way for clarity. It was said that Jonathan Green, a known French-gambler himself was inspired with the rules and mechanics of a card game, which was then played by voyagers from New Orleans traveling to Mississippi. The book was entitled "Cheating game" and chose to name the game as "Poker".

Based on Green's chronicle, the poker history rules started playing with 20 deck cards and using only the Aces, Tens and royalty cards. Moreover, players involve two to four and they are dealt with 5 cards. Subsequently, the poker game gained popularity to riverboat settlers and began developing it by integrating the 52 deck cards. More so, at those times during the Civil War, the flush and suits were introduced and then followed by the creation of some variations of poker game that includes Draw and five-card stud. Thus, after the War, poker was played with the incorporation of wild cards as well as high-low pot variants.

Even though the history of poker game remained vague, it cannot be denied that it is vastly played from all over the world. One of the most popular types of poker game is Texas Hold'em. Similar to the history of poker, the history of Texas Hold'em poker is likewise silent and indefinite. Fortunately, what is very clear is that it came from Texas specifically at Robstown during the early 1900s and widely stretched to Dallas sometime in 1925. Since then, Texas Holdem or Hold'em made its mark and invaded Las Vegas through Benny Binion, who owns a casino at Fremont Street and produced a poker tournament called World Series of Poker (WSOP).

The tournament of World Series of Poker is annually celebrated until present and even renowned to be a very important event. Modern poker's increasing population is owed to the televising of WSOP that captured more and more people who showed fondness on the game.

The poker game truly made a history of its own. Even though how old Poker is, it is seemingly here to stay. Today, we take gratitude with the innovation of technology, as we no longer travel to casinos or Las Vegas to play Poker.