Poker Tour Winners From Around The World

There are a lot of people around these days who think they have what it takes to play poker professionally. You probably know a few of them. They're a bit full of themselves and they are deadly certain that they are going to be the next big star of TV poker. Trouble is that it's much harder than it looks to become a pro. The guys who make the big money play poker pretty much non stop. If you're looking to make a living playing poker online, you should be prepared to be playing for up to and over one hundred hours a week. And that's just when you're ahead.

Because poker is so universally popular, it means that literally anyone from anywhere can walk up to a big stakes table and take the entire pot. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it can be the beginning of a glittering career for that person. Take the example of Chris Moneymaker. He started out as a regular Joe just playing online and getting a few small wins. He managed to win his way through a $40 buy in competition which landed him a place at the most prestigious poker tournament in the world. He beat off every single man in the room and found himself taking home two and half millions dollars as the winner. This is an unlikely event, but it just goes to show that sometimes it does happen.

Anyone from around the world has a roughly equal chance of getting into that sort of position. As long as they know the rules, and know how to keep themselves in the game, there's really no telling what could happen. That's what keeps people coming back to online video poker sites like and playing the great game for as long as they do.