Strip Poker Rules

Strip poker is a card game that some people like to talk about or imagine, but is probably not so often really played. The basic idea is to play a game of poker in which the losers have to remove items of clothing. Before you think about introducing strip poker to your evening's entertainment, make sure you're with other like-minded adults.

This is a game for couples, potential paramours, or a group/party of like-minded friends who won't freak out when the clothes come off. This isn't a game anyone should feel pushed into -- it'll be no fun for that person or the other players.

Strip Poker: The Rules

In strip poker, instead of playing for cash, you play for clothes. Alternately, you can start out playing for money and when players run out of cash, they must offer up articles of clothing to remain in a hand. If they lose, the clothes get removed.

How to play strip poker game

You can play any poker variant as strip poker, but some are better suited than others. If you want to get naked quickly, and you're using clothing for each bet, play games with a lot of betting rounds, like Hold 'em; if you're using chips and the loser takes their clothes off at the end of the hand, play a faster game with less betting intervals.

You can also raise the antes if you want the game to move faster. If you want the game to last longer, limit the number of raises per betting interval to one or two (it's usually three or four). If you want to play a slow, seductive game, Five Card Draw is a good choice.

Here are the different ways you can play:

1. First Round (Before The Draw) - Each player is dealt five cards face down. The dealer is also known as the button (the player to act last and the best position on the table). Starting to the left of the button, the other players can elect to play further or fold.

2. Second Round (The Draw) - On the drawing round, players can throw up to three cards away in exchange for up to three new ones. This is called the draw, with all new cards being dealt face down. Once again, the player to the left of the button is the first to act.

3. Third Round (After The Draw) - Each player's hand is now complete. It is time to reach for the saran wrap and baby oil.

4. Play the game with a set number of chips, and when a player runs out, they have to remove an article of clothing in order to buy more chips. This way is the slowest of the versions mentioned here, but it's also the style of many online strip poker games.

Once somebody is totally nude, if you want to keep them in the game, have them play 'Truth or Dare' if they lose the hand. The winner implements the truth or dare whichever the loser picks. Because people tend to choose 'Truth' more than 'Dare,' limit the number of times they can choose 'Truth' to twice in a row. Have an alternative action for those who are unwilling to answer their 'Truth' or do their 'Dare' a shot of something strong, like Tequila, is a good substitution (especially if they're being prudish).

Game Play

  • Start a hand of Five Card Draw Strip Poker by dealing five face down cards to each player.
  • If you are using betting rounds, the first round would take place after the players have received their cards. The betting begins with the player to the left of the dealer and continues clockwise around the table.
  • Each player may then discard up to five cards and replace those with cards drawn at random from the deck. At the end of the drawing round, each player should have five cards.
  • After the draw, there is another betting round (if you are having betting rounds).
  • The players now enter a showdown and reveal their cards. The player with the best five card poker hand wins. The winner may either choose a player to lose an article of clothing, or all the losers have to remove one piece of clothing.
  • Once the required piece(s) of clothing has been removed, the deck is shuffled and a new hand can begin. Have fun!