The Rules of Eight Card Stud Poker

The Eight Card Stud would be the best game for players who are looking for more action in a game. More action is the result of more big hands through the extra hand. The extra card is given facing down so there is also a certain sense of surprise. Meaning, you have to be cautious in order to get a chance at winning.

Regarding the game play, the Eight Card Stud is almost similar to Seven Card Stud, the only variance is the extra card on the final deal. All the betting and dealing rounds are done following the same rules. The showdown is also the same with the players having to make the greatest hand after picking five cards.

Ante Bet

Each player in the game has to place a small ante before the start of each hand with an amount approximate to ten percent of the minimum limit bet.

Three Cards Deal and First Bet round

At this point, the players having placed a bet would have one card facing up and two facing down cards. The "bring in" is then paid whoever has the lowest card, then the betting proceeds clockwise around the poker table.

Take note that the term "bring" is actually a forced bet that has to be paid to initiate the betting. The amount should be half of the given minimum limit of bet.

The player who has paid the "bring in" can choose to let the bet remains as it is or raise it to reach the full minimum bet. If player chose the latter, the rest of the players have to raise, fold, or bet.

After the "bring in" has been done, the betting proceeds in a clockwise scheme.

The Fourth Card

The dealer deals one card to all players with the card facing up. Whoever holds the best hand starts the next round. Said player can bet, fold or check and then the betting is continued. The other players have to raise, bet or fold if one of them makes a bet.

The Fifth Card

For the Fifth Street, one card is dealt to all players. More betting is started, the same ways as mentioned, the only difference is that the upper betting limit has to be followed.

The Sixth Card

Same as above, another card is given face up. Betting rules follow that of the previous round.

The Final Cards

This is the final round of bets and two cards are given to each player, with each card facing down. A showdown is inevitable if there are at least two players remaining.

Showdown Proper

Players then have to make their best choices and try to make their cards the biggest hand ever. As always the best hand will win the game.