Five Card Stud Poker Rules

Five card stud was a popular casino game during its time. It's a simple and easy game to learn and play. It has its own guidelines which are totally different to today's card games. Basically, it's a card game where five cards are given to each player. Generally, the player with the best five automatically wins the pot. In comparison to Hold\em poker, Five Card is characterized as slow because the big hands are not that frequent, therefore, it takes some time before a player hits the big five.

Further, secrecy is somewhat a problem to this game since 4 cards are dealt face up allowing other players to see your card. Only one card is left unexposed. Since players' four cards are exposed, most likely, onecould easily contests on the other's weakness. The exposure of the four cards doesn't make a player efficient to the game; even for a novice.

To address this issue, players engage into home games with a different ruling where two cards are faced down while the other three are faced up. In this case, there's sort of a mystery to the game. Consequently, there's a small chance that the big hands can be taken.

Forced Bet and Dealing

The game begins by letting each player lay the 'ante' - a forced bet. Usually, the size of the bet varies in every game however the ideal bet is limited to ten percent of the lower betting amount.

Each player is dealt with two cards where one faces up while the other faces down.

The "Bring-In" bet and first round betting

The players holding the lowest cards must begin paying the bet or the so-called 'bring-in'. This is a forced bet where the player has to pay an amount equal to one-half of the minimum bet.

The amount of the 'bring-in' stays the same however it can go higher or lower depending on the minimum betting limit. Other players have no choice but to adhere to the 'bring-in' amount.

After the 'bring-in' stage, players start to bet following a clockwise movement on the table. There are three options for each player which are: calling, folding or raising. When the bets have been matched, betting stops.

The Flop

In this phase, a player is dealt with one more card faced up. The player with the highest card showing begins the bet. From this time onwards, betting amount is above the betting limit.

The Turn

Another card is dealt faced up. Another betting round takes place.

The River

The last card is given and followed by another round of betting similar to the fourth street.

Before the showdown begins, one card is faced down while the rest are faced up.

Showdown Proper

Players reveal all five cards. Whoever has the best five-card poker gets the pot.