Razz Poker Rules

If you are a big fan of game fusion, then Razz poker is yours. It is good for those who want to reach the big leagues since the game is available in the high stakes area of popular poker rooms. You can also sharpen your skills in poker by learning Razz.

Seven Card Stud is almost similar to Razz regarding its structure and setup except hand rankings. In this game, the lowest possible gives you a big chance of winning.

Values of Poker Hands

In Razz, flushes and straights are worthless, as aces are low. The ultimate Razz hand is Ace-2-3-4-5. The game always starts with the highest card going down. In other words, even if a hand seems to have more low cards like 3-4-6-7-8 this would win over a hand with Ace-2-3-4-9.

There's no criterion for a hand to be low unlike 7-Card Stud Hi-Lo. Moreover, even when your opponents have aces and kings, a player with pairs of ten can become the winner.

Ante Bet

As each hand commences, everyone who wants to join has to pay the ante. This bet requirement can be from ten to twenty percent of the lower bet limit.

First round Deal and Betting

There are 3 cards given to every player with 2 cards facing down and 1 facing up.

Betting is commenced by the player holding the highest card, who would be paying the "bring in",a term for the forced bet equivalent to half of the lower bet limit. If there'll be a highest card tie, the "bring in" is paid by the player closest to the left of the dealer.

Once the "bring in" is paid, said player may decide to leave the bet as it is and let other players to join or raise the "bring in" to the minimum limit bet.

After deciding, the betting round moves around the game table clockwise. Raises or any bet can be made from the lower bet limit.

Fourth Card

Then, players are given one card each facing up. Whoever has the weakest hand would start another betting round, where he can bet, check or fold.

Fifth Card

At this round, dealer gives another card facing up. One more betting round is initiated but from this point onwards, the maximum limit of betting is followed.

Sixth Card

Just like the previous round, every player is given one card facing up. Another betting round starts.

Final Cards and Bet

One more betting round is started after the dealer gives one card to each player, with the said card facing down.

Winning Showdown

The final part of the game is where the players are supposed to come up with the biggest hand of five cards. The hands are shown and the pot will go to the player with the lowest hand.