Seven Card Stud Hi Lo Rules

Seven Card Stud Eight or Better is another term for the Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo poker. This is a common game under various poker games that's enjoyed by players both online and real casino hubs. When played online, stakes are in low figures however, when played in live casinos, stakes are tremendously high.

There are a variety of formats to this game, which includes the Seven Stud Card 8 or B. The letter "E" represents the Seven-Card Stud Eight or Better in the popular HORSE games. You need to learn this variant, if you want to master a variety of poker games.

Rules of the game are synonymous to the regular Seven Card Stud. The only difference is that the winning pot is divided into the lowest and highest hand.

The Splitting of Pot

Players practice the splitting of the pot, which generally follows the principle of the dividing the pot into two. There are two winners to this game. One is the player holding the strongest five cards and the other would be the one with the lowest hands. The high hand is determined based on the ranking practiced in the traditional poker game. While, the low poker hand is determined in accordance to the rule of the game "eight or better".

For a player to rank as low, he should have 5 cards with lower than eight or all eight. High cards and pairs count however flushes and straights don't. In case of Aces, it can either rank as low or high.

One example of a weak poker will be Ace-2-3-4-5. Straights in these cards don\t count against the player. Therefore, it can win 50-50 of the winning pot which is termed as the "scoop".

The "scoop" can be anybody's luck. Player can aim of getting both 50-50 of the winning pot by arranging the cards that can fight for both low and high hand.

The Forced Bet

The "ante" is the cue when the game has to start. In here, each player has to pay for a slight bet equivalent to ten percent of the minimum bet limit.

Three Cards Deal

Every player is dealt with 3 cards wherein one is faced up while the other two are faced down. Dealing starts from the player on the left following a clockwise movement.

The "bring-in" comes next where the player holding the lowermost facing up card should pay a compulsory bet that's equal to one-half of the minimum bet limit. Players have the option to call, fold or raise when the betting continues.

At this stage, the bets may increase apart from the "bring-in". For instance, player pays $5 for $5/$10 play.

Fourth Card

A facing-up card is given to players. From this round onwards, the player seen holding the strong hand begins the bet and has the choice to make a bet, check or fold.

Fifth Card

Same as the fourth street, one card is being dealt and another betting round follows. From the fifth street onwards, bets are in the maximum limit.

Sixth Card

The rule is same as the fourth and fifth streets.

Seventh Card

This is the last betting round where players are given one card faced down.

Winning Showdown

In this phase, players reveal their cards. Half of the winning pot goes whoever holds the greatest low hand while the other part goes to the best high hand poker.