Six Card Stud Poker Rules

A unique offshoot of the Seven Card Stud is the Six Card Stud. The only difference from the former is in the number of cards needed to make a hand. In short, you can only have six cards. Therefore, big bets and big hands don't happen often.

This game is a good substitute when you are playing poker at home and there are too many playing the Seven-Card Stud. Usually, another player can be added to the game because of the lesser number of cards being dealt.

Six Card Stud isn't too far from Seven Card Stud with only one card removed. Every player has an ante, proceeds to some betting rounds, and then comes the showdown.

Forced Bet

Before the hand begins, each player has to pay the ante. This represents the amount of bet placed by players before the cards are dealt. The amount can range from ten percent of the lesser limit and up to twenty five. Locations can have different antes but it will mostly range between 10 and 25%.

The Dealing and Betting Rounds
Round 1

For the first deal, two cards are given to each player beginning at the left and the rest in a clockwise manner. One of the two cards is facing up while the other is facing down.

Once all the cards have been given, a betting round begins from the player with the lowest card. Said player places the minimum initial bet called, "bring in". Mostly, "bring in" is 50% of the minimum bet. The player bringing in has the option to either raise the current bet or leave it that way. From then, betting goes around one player to the next, clockwise.

Round 2

Another betting round is initiated after the dealer has given every player one card facing up. Player with the highest hand has options to bet, fold or check.

Round 3

Third betting round begins after one card facing up is dealt to each player. At this point, the upper limit of bets is the reference.

Round 4

All players are given a card facing up and there, another betting round is started. Betting here is the same as that of the third deal and betting round.

Round 5

For this final deal, the last card is given to each player facing down. This is also the final betting round. This round moves towards a showdown if there are at least two players left.

Winning Showdown

The players then have to come up the most out of their cards by deciding on the best hand they can show. The winner is of course whoever holding the best poker hand. However, the pot is divided among the winners if there is more than one.