Understanding Texas Hold'em poker

Amongst Poker game variants, one of the most popular is Texas Holdem poker. You may have heard Texas Holdem or Hold'em poker every time you are in a casino arena or have come across with it whenever you search on the internet about poker game, but are you aware how to play texas holdem and understood its rules. If you are a new poker player, you are at the right path. This article would clear the clouds for you and help you learn and understand the rules for Texas Holdem poker.

Indeed, learning the Texas Holdem rules and mechanics can be as simple and easy as it can be, but it can require patience and understanding. This is because Poker involves strategy in winning and winning means having the best poker hands.

Playing the Texas Holdem poker is using the standard 52 deck cards and each player is first dealt with two facedown (hole) cards. Then, it is followed by handing each player with five community poker cards. These community cards are dealt in a series of 3 cards (flop), fourth card (turn) and fifth card (river). Moreover, in every series of cards that are dealt, a round of bets is placed in the center or they term it as "pot". Right when the hole cards and every after the flop cards, turn card, and the river card are dealt, the round of bets should be held complete before the "showdown" begins. The player laying down the highest poker hands will take all the winnings.

The basic Texas Hold'em rules is to create the best 5 cards poker hand from the combination of the 2 hole cards and the other 5 community cards. It is actually the primary objective of the game. Understanding the ranking of poker hands is very essential because this can affect a player's strategy in winning. Further, the best poker hands to worst poker hands are ranked in the following manner: 1) the Royal flush, 2) the Straight flush, 3) the 4 of a kind, 4) the Full house, 5) the Flush, 6) the Straight, 7) the 3 of a kind, 8) the 2 pairs, 9) the Pair, and 10) the High card.

Aside from learning rigidly what is the best and worst poker hands, one of the vital rules for Texas Holdem poker is the betting. Betting in poker game does not involve solely in placing a certain amount of money represented by "chips" in the "pot". Every poker player should understand the different betting options.

Once a poker round begins, take note where the dealer sits. At the poker table, you can constantly notice what they term in poker vocabulary as blinds and button. Wherever the button is placed represents the dealer. Further, the 2 players at the left part from the button or dealer are the "blinds" - small blind and big blind, in that order. These blinds players are forced to make bets in small and big, most likely the small blind has to bet half amount of chips, which the big blind bets. Consequently, each player of the Texas Holdem poker has the option to "Raise", "Call", or "Fold" based on the option that the previous player applied. Raise refers to increase the previous bet, while call means repeating or matching the previous bet, and fold means to quit in the game, which can be an option any time.

After the river card is dealt and the final betting round is complete comes the "showdown". This is the stage where all remaining players would show-off their cards and declares as winner whoever made the best or high poker hands.

Once you learned how Texas Holdem poker is played and somehow understood its basic rules, you may begin playing and practicing it.