videoo poker
Video Poker

Online video poker is becoming increasingly popular among casino games.To learn video poker rules is quite simple. They mirror those of classic draw poker. Playing requires a single click on the "Deal / Draw" button, after which your cards are dealt. As with all games of poker, the objective is to hold the winningest hand. Improving the value of your hand requires knowing when to “hold” and when to "discard". Those cards you get rid of will be replaced with others after you click on the "Deal / Draw" button.

Online Video Poker Rules

The rules governing Video Poker games could not be simpler. If you've ever played Draw Poker before, you'll be into the swing of things immediately. Here are the golder rules of Online Video Poker game:

  • First you need to deposit some money in machine.
  • Then you have to decide if to Press 'Deal' or press'Draw' buttons.
  • After viewing your cards, pick which ones you wish to keep and then press the 'Hold' button underneath.
  • Press the Deal / Draw button again.
  • Continue this process for as long as it continues to be fun!
  • When you've decided you're done, press the button - usually marked - 'Credit' or 'Cash Out'.

How to Play Video Poker

Video poker is played on a slots like machine and like slots pays out if the combination drawn matches with one on the payout table. However unlike slots it allows the player to make a decision and thus introduces some of the skill of poker in the game.

The player first inserts the coins purchased into the machine and registers his balance. The newer video poker machines accept a ticket that is coded with the amount paid at the cash counter. In online casinos the player can transfer the balance from his account with the casino. He then selects the denomination of the bet and the number of coins he wants to wager. The number of coins varies from 1 to 5.

The total amount wagered is the denomination of the wager multiplied by the number of coins. Now calculated wagered amount is reduced from the balance amount of player. After this one need to click the deal button and we got five cards to play. The player can decide to keep any number of the cards dealt and replace the rest. He can opt to keep all the cards or change all of them as well. This is done by clicking on the Hold button below each card. The objective is to get the highest possible poker hand ranking. Hence the player should discard those cards that cannot result in improving the ranking of the hand.

Once the player clicks on a Hold button that card gets marked with "HOLD". The player can change his decision by clicking on the card marked "HOLD". The card will then be replaced. Once the player is done with the hold decision he clicks the Draw button. This time the cards that are not on hold are replaced. This gives the player's final hand.

Once the deal is over the player can choose to play again with the same wager amount and this can be done by just click on the Replay button. If the player continue to play but with different wager amount then he need to click the Reset button. But if he don't want to play then claim the amount belongs to him and can go home happily.

Video Poker Strategy

In video poker the only decision the player makes is after being dealt the first five cards. The player has to decide which cards to hold and which to replace. There are many games available in video poker and each has a different payout table. Therefore the video poker strategy differs from game to game.