Baseball Poker Rules

Baseball Poker is a poker game variant that follows similar rules as practiced in Seven Stud Card game. The only different rule is that 3s (strikes card) and 9s (innings card) are called the wild cards. Another variation to this game is that the player who receives the '4' automatically gets an additional card. In this game, there are a total of 8 wild cards. Each player can be dealt up to eight cards making this poker variant unpredictable and wild.

Baseball Poker is a fun game to play where getting best hands would be easy due to the performance hand values that fall dramatically. It's necessary to concentrate on the game because there are big chances of seeing big hands on the game.

Special Cards

Another special ruling to the Baseball poker game to make it more exciting is the requirement of forced bets. This is done by requiring players to contribute in the pot some amount equivalent to the ante whenever they get hold the 3, 4 or 9. This ruling is made giving chances to unlucky winners.


To begin the game, every player has to pay the so-called 'forced bet' or the 'ante' equal to ten percent of the minimum bet limit. Usually, the ante is paid at the beginning of each hand.

Third Street

In this phase, players are dealt with three cards, two of which are faced down while the other is faced up. Next step is a round of betting starting from the player holding the lowest card. The player with the lowest card showing has to pay the forced bet or so-called 'bring-in'. The amount is the amount of the minimum bet limit.

When the "bring-in" is completed, said player can either raise the amount to a full minimum bet or just leave it as that. After making a decision, the rest of the players on the table must make their decision to raise or call the bring-in. The betting must be in a clockwise movement.

Fourth Street

Players are dealt with one card facing up. Then, betting round follows but this time, the player with the highest hand showing begins the bet. This player has two options to either make or check a bet. When a player makes a bet, the rest of the players follow with a decision whether to fold, raise or match the bet.

Fifth Street

Players are dealt with one card facing up. Similar to the previous round, another betting round takes place, but, the amount of bet increases based on the maximum bet limit.

Sixth Street

Players are dealt with one card facing up, then a round of betting follows.

Seventh Street

Players are dealt with facing down card. If any of the players receives a '4', he gets an additional card that is either facing up or down depending on the rules of the game house. Then, a betting round takes place.

In the event that there's one player left after the betting round, he can collect what's on the pot without need of revealing his cards. However, when two or more players are left, a showdown begins.


Players left in the game lay their cards. They have to come up with their best five hands. Whoever holds the best poker hands wins.