Countdown Poker Rules

Countdown poker is almost similar as the other variants of the popular card game. The only difference is the addition of one rule. A wild card is presented to the game just prior to the very last round of betting. The number of players left in the round will determine the wild card. Say for instance that there are three players remaining, so the wild cards are the 3s.

The rules of Seven Card Stud are used to play Countdown Poker every so often. From the beginning until the end, the rules, betting rounds and the cards are exactly similar. The only modification is made at the end, wherein the wild card is figured out and it's the last round for the players to bet.

Countdown poker is also played using the rules of Texas Hold'em, as a number of players do. With the Texas Hold'em rules, all hands are played accordingly until the game reaches the beginning of the river round. This is the part of the game where the wild card is chosen, after which the game is resumed.

Community cards cannot be chosen as wild cards in Texas Hold'em. To make it clearer, if 4s are figured the wild card and on the board there's also a 4, then that 4 cannot be accepted as a wild card. Wild cards can be determined from the cards in the hands of the players.

Since the wild card can be so unpredictable, this makes countdown poker different. With a wild card in the mix, you can never be sure who has the advantage. For sure players can speculate as to which one is the wild card but they just cannot be certain. The game moves on as usual even if the wild card has been confirmed.


Bear in mind that Countdown can be used for any game of poker. For this instance the rules will follow those of Texas Hold'em.

The dealer shuffles the deck and the blinds are paid by the 2 players to the dealer's left. Two hole cards are given to five players and a betting sequence takes place. Four players are left as one player has folded. Then the dealer lays a flop and a betting round follows. One of the players fold and now three are left. The dealer distributes the turn and another betting sequence ensues. During this round no one will fold. The person dealing the cards dispenses the river card. This is the part of the game where they determine the wild cards. Because there are 3 players left, the wild cards are the 3s. The last betting round takes place and a showdown between the remaining players is reached. Of course the pot is won by the best hand. A 3 can be used by anyone who has it since it is the wild card.