Criss Cross Wild Poker Rules

Criss Cross Wild is a Poker variant that's close to "Wild Hex" game only with one modification that's using fewer community cards, leading to the interface where only few hands play the game. Although such is the rule, it doesn't really mean it's a negative characteristic. Actually, this game is considered fun Poker game with sound rules.

Criss Cross Wild has a six-round betting game where the pot increases in amount compared to regular Poker variants. What makes the game fun and exciting is the announcement of the wild cards that happens towards the end of the hand. Therefore, the game promises nothing but surprise.


Since this Poker game variant has the term 'cross' in it, the five facing down cards dealt on the middle of the table follows a cross formation where one card is situated in the middle while the other four surrounds it. This is done at the beginning of each hand.


'Blinds' in Criss Cross Wild follows similar ruling of Texas Holdem. The 2 players from the dealer's left pay the blinds at the start of every round. Players on the table pay the blinds alternately.

First Round

After dealer has dealt 4 hole cards to every player, players have to come up with their big five hands using the four hole and community cards. A betting round comes right after the cards have been dealt.

Second Round

The card at the top of the cross is opened. A betting sequence follows.

Third Round

The card at the right of the cross is opened followed by a betting sequence.

Fourth Round

The card at the bottom of the cross is opened followed by betting sequence.

Fifth Round

The card at the left of the cross is opened followed by a round of betting.

Sixth Round

The card at the middle of the cross is opened followed by the final betting round. The middle card plays a significant role as it will dictate the wild cards in the game. Wild cards are those that fall under the same rank. Remember, community cards will never be accepted as wild cards.


Players have to form their best five hands using their hole and community cards. The player with the best five hands wins the pot.