Follow The Queen Poker Rules

Follow the Queen is a variety of poker that follows the same mechanics of the "Seven Card Stud" game. What makes this game different is the use of 'Queens' and other specific cards as wild cards.

Follow the Queen is an exciting poker game because the wild cards play a versatile role in the game where they can be changed many times in just one single hand. In this game, weak hands can become strong and vice versa.

Wild Cards

One thing that you should note when playing Follow the Queen is that 'Queens' are always perceived as wild cards. Once a Queen is laid on the table faced up, any card after the queen is also faced up. Hence, cards with similar ranking will be considered wild cards.

If the next card after the Queen is another Queen, the next card dealt is considered a wild card. In the case where the Queen is laid as the last card, no other wild cards are dealt except for the Queens.


The game begins when every player pays the ante, which is just a small amount of money equivalent to ten percent of the minimum betting boundary.

Third Street

Dealer distributes three cards to every player wherein two cards are facing up while the other is facing down. Cards are dealt one by one starting at the player to the left of the dealer moving clockwise.

The player shown having the lowest card begins the bet called the "bring-in" that's equivalent to half the amount of the minimum betting limitation. Same player who made the bring-in may opt to raise it up to full minimum bet or simply pays the bring-in.

After coming up with a decision, betting takes place following clockwise movement. Any player on the table can choose to call, fold or raise the existing bet.

Fourth Street

Next, dealer distributes one card to each player facing up. The player with the best hand showing begins the betting round. He may opt to bet, fold or check.

Fifth Street

Players are dealt with one card facing up followed by another betting round same as the previous round. The only difference is that the maximum betting limitation is the basis for betting. The rule is the same from here onwards.

Sixth Street

Every player is given with one card facing up, and then succeeded by another round of betting same as the previous round.

Seventh Round

The final card is given to each player face down. Another betting round takes place.


After the final betting round, players who are still in the hand shall now reveal their cards. Players have to come up with their strongest five cards from the seven cards. Whoever holds the strongest five hands wins the pot.