Slot Machine Poker Rules

Slot Machine is another variation of Poker game that is full of fun and excitement. This is a game filled with a lot of betting action as there are numerous big hands and wild cards that can be used. Of all the Poker games introduced, Slot Machine is the wildest. The objective of the game follows the same default rules of the regular Poker game.

Basic Concept

Slot Machine can be similar to the Omaha game. The only difference lies in the number of community cards dealt over the game table. Then, every player is dealt with four cards facing down while nine community cards are dealt on the game table facing down. The nine community cards follow a grid formation, three cards on each row.

The community cards are revealed column per column vertically. Each card revealed follows a sequence of betting. In order to form five big hands, player has to use two hole cards and three community cards.

In this game, all the 7s can be used as wild cards. This is what makes the game go crazy because there are a lot of wild cards used.

Rules of the Game

  • Blinds will be paid by the two players seated from the dealer's left. Slot Machine follows the blinds rules in the Texas Holdem Poker game.

  • Every player is dealt with four cards facing down. Those cards are distributed one card at one time with a clockwise action starting from the player on the dealer's immediate left. The process continues until each player receives four hole cards.

  • A betting sequence takes place.

  • Nine community cards are dealt on the table all face down. The community cards follow the formation of a 3 x 3 grid.

  • One vertical column of cards is revealed. More cards shall be revealed as the game progresses.

  • A sequence of betting will follow.

  • Another vertical column of cards is revealed.

  • Another betting round will take place.

  • The last vertical column of cards is revealed.

  • A final betting round follows.

  • The Showdown begins.

Players who remain at the end of the hand have the option to use any of the community cards revealed. The best five-hand is a combination of the player's two hole cards plus three community cards. The winning player is the one with the best five hands. He then takes the pot.

In the case of a hi-lo format, Slot machine can be played in such a way that the pot is divided into two winners; best five hand and worst five hand. If only one player wins both best and worst, he takes the whole pot.